DuoBoost - 2-phase-booster for a healthy pond biology.

For garden lovers who want to keep their pond water clear the natural way: The innovative bacteria gel and optimally chosen minerals work in a double action to activate the natural pond biology of the water in a quick and easy process. 


The 2-phase-booster for a healthy pond biology

This pond treatment has two complimentary phases of action: 

Phase 1: Highly active bacteria gel

  • Fluid containing enzymes and bacteria
  • Effectively reduces nitrogen compounds and promotes the degradation of organic pollutants, ammonium, nitrites and nitrates
  • Activates filter bacteria


Phase 2: Effective mineral ball

  • Contains important trace elements, co-substrates, minerals and valuable additives that are hard to come by naturally in artificial ponds
  • The ball completely dissolves over time

Apply DuoBoost quickly and easily:

The gel and balls can either be placed straight into the pond or added to the filter chamber. AquaActivDuoBoost can be used several times a year depending on requirements.

If the pond contains fish, the mineral ball(s) can simply be put into the supplied net, and the net can either be placed at the edge of the pond or into the filter chamber to ensure the safety of the fish.


DuoBoost is available in different variants for different pond sizes:

DuoBoost 5 cm 250 ml

for ponds up to: 20m³

DuoBoost 2 cm 250 ml

for ponds up to: 30m³

DuoBoost 2 cm 2,5 l

for ponds up to: 90m³