Smart up your home and garden

OASE Easy Control is the smart way to digitally control and operate the water worlds in your home and garden. With just one app, you can operate your compatible garden (Easy Garden Control) and aquarium (Easy Aquarium Control) devices using your smartphone or tablet.

Easy Aquarium Control
The smart generation of aquariums

Today, aquariums are both modern design objects and smart high-tech products. The Easy Aquarium Control system developed by OASE opens up a broad range of options within your home network for staging your underwater world as if it were actually in nature. The Easy Aquarium Control system impresses both experienced aquarists (expert mode) and those who are just beginning to delve into this fascinating underwater world (easy mode). The Easy Aquarium Controller is used to establish a connection between the aquarium, lighting, pumps and the app. 


Control enchanting colour and lighting effects using the app.

Generate different lighting colours and effects smoothly and in real time, whenever the mood takes you.

Create individual profiles to match the natural weather conditions and changing daylight levels or simply to suit your mood.

It's all in the settings: from predefined templates to individually orchestrated changes in weather.


Ideal lighting at all times (NEW)

So that the plants and animals living in your aquarium can enjoy lighting conditions that are as natural as possible, the app makes it easy to program and control different lighting scenarios – with the option of using individual colours and different intensity levels in different sections of the aquarium. This helps you create the right lighting conditions to suit the different requirements of all your plants and animals. Of course, we also provide pre-programmed lighting scenarios for 12- and 24-hour cycles.

Natural water movements

The powerful StreamMax streaming pump allows you to create natural water movements ranging in intensity from gentle to powerful and even stormy. In order to control the system using the app, the existing pump controller simply needs to be connected to the EAC controller.

Full control of your network

You can connect and control up to ten compatible devices (streaming pumps, LEDs) for one or more aquariums with the app using an EAC controller. 

Lighting takes centre stage

HighLine Premium LED

The HighLine Premium LED is waterproof and its intelligent power management system (constant luminous flux) ensures that the diodes have a long service life and provide a consistent level of brightness. This offers optimal support to help your plants grow. In addition, you can simulate an almost unlimited number of light colours, including having multiple colours at different places along the LED. What's more, you can also configure your own daily schedule or use pre-set lighting scenarios.

Everything under control

EAC Controller

The controller is at the very heart of the system and keeps the connected EAC devices running smoothly. Even when you're on holiday or on the go, the system will keep you updated before your underwater world gets out of balance. OASE is constantly working to improve the EAC system and regular app updates mean that you always have access to the latest developments.

Feel the flow

StreamMax Premium + Pump Controller

The StreamMax Premium pump and corresponding pump controller allows you to generate natural water movements for your aquarium's inhabitants. These can be selected from a variety of pre-configured settings or set up manually. The pump can be configured for customised daily schedules when connected to the EAC system, including adjusting the flow to allow for feeding. This allows the marine animals to eat at their leisure and ensures good water quality, as the food does not break down and drift away.

Easy Garden Control

The OASE Easy Garden Control (EGC) allows you to control all of the key functions in and around your pond and garden centrally using your home network. The OASE Easy Control app also makes it possible to control and operate connected devices using your smartphone or tablet.


Easy Garden Control

We keep things running.

Your wishes and our innovative solutions are constantly evolving. The OASE Easy Control app is regularly updated for both areas and is automatically adjusted to incorporate the latest innovations. By the way: Despite the sheer number of options available, OASE is dedicated to making sure that our technology is as easy to use as possible. For that reason, we also offer video  tutorials.