Everyone needs moments of peace in everyday life. Often the eyes first look for a resting place. But not everyone has a good view from the window or space for a large aquarium. How about a self-contained piece of nature, a microcosm that fits on any desk? biOrb AIR and biOrb WATER by OASE are stylish design objects. Sometimes exotic or homely, with lighting, underwater or on the land, with or without animals. Whatever you choose, it's high quality and easy to clean. Enjoy a whole world at a glance. 

biOrb AIR: Space for the exotic

Microcosm and design object

biOrb AIR by OASE is a stylish and smart design object. A small sphere that offers plants a perfect home. You are even able to grow tropical and exotic plants, which can be difficult to cultivate, and see them thrive with minimal effort. At the same time, your individually designed microcosm becomes an element of design that radiates calm.

Easy-care pleasure

biOrb AIR contains perfectly coordinated technology: irrigation, filtration, ventilation, misting function to maintain humidity and lighting – all controlled on an automated 24-hour cycle. The water just needs to be topped up every few weeks and the filter changed. In return, you can enjoy the wonderful view every day as the mist gently covers the plants.

biOrb WATER: Design with depth

Ideal starting point

biOrb WATER can add an impressive touch to any of your rooms such as the office, bedroom or living room. You can also keep small fish in your biOrb. The biOrb comes as a complete set so is ideal if you’re a beginner or as a way to introduce children to fishkeeping.


Unique design

biOrb’s designs mean they are different from each other and from other aquariums.  The smart design gives them a modern aesthetic.  Both biOrb AIR and WATER give you a natural environment in the smallest of spaces as well as looking elegant in the process.

Six designs – endless possibilities

The unique and innovative designs of biOrb are available in six styles. Together with the decoration elements exclusively available for biOrb WATER, you have endless possibilities for your own personal interior design. 

Create new worlds

biOrb AIR and biOrb WATER were developed with urban living environments in mind. Particularly in cities space is becoming a luxury good. Our motivation is to combine this development with a passion for interior design and nature. Small worlds in extraordinary design as a resting place for the mind. Small worlds that you can redesign again and again with little maintenance. 

biOrb WATER: Decoration sets 

For an easy start with biOrb WATER we offer you complete decoration sets. Even if you’d rather create your own design, you will find a wealth of ideas for your individual creations in our range of individual decorative pieces. A small tip: For every size and every design, we always put together new "recipe cards" for example designs. 


biOrb WATER: LED or MCR lighting

Multi Colour Remote (MCR) or LED – you choose! White LED lighting provides clean and simple illumination for your biOrb. MCR lighting provides an additional 15 colours so that you can control the hue of your biOrb. Choose between automatic colour changes or the specific colour of your choice, and adjust the intensity of light to your current requirements.


biOrb AIR: Example setup 

Design your biOrb AIR with natural plants and create entire miniature landscapes. Our example video shows how easily you can create a small bonsai forest in only six steps. Experience the attraction and the calming effect of biOrb AIR.