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Thanks to its reflective surface, water gives every garden exciting visual appeal. It's easier than you think to turn the dream of your own garden pond into a reality. Pre-formed ponds simplify the process of building a pond and are ideal for garden enthusiasts who have less experience.

Versatile design

With pre-formed ponds available in different sizes, you can choose the one that best fits the space available in your garden. Shapes and colours also vary. If you like things dynamic, we recommend the use of organically shaped ponds, whereas straight-lined ponds offer a more modern look.


A species-rich pond landscape 

Planting zones in the pre-formed ponds give you sufficient space to design the waterline with marsh and aquatic plants to your heart's delight. This green refuge will attract a range of local wildlife, giving you plenty of birds and insects to observe.


From idea to completion

How to build a pond using a pre-formed pond

Step 1: Requirements

Installing a pre-formed pond, including the equipment for the pond, should take you 1–2 days. The level of filtration required depends on whether or not the pond is set to contain fish. You can find out exactly which products and tools you will need in the detailed instructions.

Step 2: Preparation

You've chosen the size and shape of the pre-formed pond. Before you can begin work on your project, you first need to determine the exact location and orientation of the pre-formed pond. It is best to sketch the area and draw the pre-formed pond and, if necessary, the filter there.

Step 3: Construction

Now the real work begins. Begin by preparing the selected site before laying out the pre-formed pond. Finally, put the pond equipment in place and begin filling the pond with water. The design of the planting zones will round off your pond project perfectly.

Step 4: Maintenance

For long-lasting enjoyment of your own domestic biotope, we recommend following a few tips for maintaining the pond. These include small weather-related and seasonal touches which ensure that the water in the pond will remain clear for a long time. 

Detailed instructions

In our detailed instructions, you will find everything you need to successfully install a pond with a pre-formed pond. 


Recommended products for your pond with pre-formed pond

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You can find all our products at our expert specialist dealers in your area.

Alternatively, you might like to have your pond built by a professional – if so, our gardening and landscaping partners will be happy to help you. 


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