The DYNAMIX effect no. 1:

Naturally beautiful growth and intense colours

The DYNAMIX effect no. 2:

 Balanced intestinal flora for a strong immune system

The DYNAMIX effect no. 3:

 Efficient metabolism for vitality and clear pond water

The pond fish food with a triple effect

A healthy, balanced diet is not only essential for the well-being of people – fish, too, are healthier, more dynamic and more energetic with the right food. As a globally recognised specialist in garden ponds and aquariums, OASE is now offering a complete food that is optimally tailored to the needs of pond fish and their metabolisms with DYNAMIX. Whether goldfish, sunfish, rudd, rainbow shiners or koi, DYNAMIX offers the optimal composition of nutrient-rich dietary components for every ornamental fish, along with the right dosage form of flakes, sticks or pellets.

The DYNAMIX recipe for success:

Optimal nutritional mix + optimal digestion

The DYNAMIX effect no. 1:
Naturally beautiful growth and intense colours

An indispensable component of fish nutrition are fats that ensure natural growth. If fish don't get enough fat, they use carbohydrates instead – but these are more difficult to digest and are stored as unattractive subcutaneous fat. OASE DYNAMIX therefore contains the right amount of valuable omega-3-rich fats for uniform body growth. These are complemented by selected carbohydrate sources such as aquatic protein or red rice, which fish can very easily digest. Dyes and natural pigments provide further important building blocks for bright, intensive colour development in the fish.

The DYNAMIX effect no. 2:
Balanced intestinal flora for a strong immune system

Health begins in the gut – this applies to fish as well as humans. This is because bacteria that cause disease can be stored in the intestinal walls. These bacteria hinder a balanced metabolism due to toxins. That's why DYNAMIX contains valuable dietary fibre that only supports the growth of good intestinal bacteria. The result: The prebiotic properties of the feed composition effectively support healthy intestinal flora and strengthen the immune system.

The DYNAMIX effect no. 3:
Efficient metabolism for vitality and clear pond water

Essential amino acids are the key to complete food digestion. It is only when enough of these amino acids are available that fish can completely absorb the food and benefit from important nutrients. The non-utilised, excreted proteins also release nitrogen in the water, which has a negative impact on the water quality and can even lead to nitrogen poisoning in fish. That's why DYNAMIX contains OASE AminoBoost, an essential amino acid in an optimal dosage. OASE AminoBoost ensures that the rich nutritional supply of DYNAMIX is utilised almost completely. The result: Lively, dynamic fish and the optimum conditions for excellent water quality.

DYNAMIX is the ideal pond fish food if you…

… value a balanced diet for your fish

… are looking for a food specifically optimised for the metabolism of fish

… want to keep your fish lively, elegantly shaped and especially colourful

… want to avoid water pollution caused by poor food digestion

… want an easy daily application

… value a reasonable price-performance ratio

"When it comes to some things, I'm a perfectionist".

Michael, 38, carpenter and pond fish owner

"Being self-employed, I have a lot to do. But to then be able to sit by the pond and enjoy this little paradise after a stressful day feels like a holiday. For me, it was important to have a real ecosystem here and more than anything, for the fish to have a good, healthy life. Some people may say, well, they're only fish. But I see them as my responsibility. After all, as a family, we take care to follow a healthy, balanced diet, and nowadays there is a large range of nutrient-rich, animal-friendly food available for dogs and cats – so why not put the same effort into the way we feed our pond inhabitants? And that's why DYNAMIX is the perfect choice for me".

The right mixture for every pond fish: the DYNAMIX range.

With recipes carefully tailored to respective needs and high-quality ingredients, DYNAMIX is the ideal complete food for providing pond fish with a balanced diet.


For small and young fish: The easy-to-absorb flakes contain salmon oil, which is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, meaning that fish are able to optimally utilise the food for growth.


DYNAMIX Sticks Vital  

For all fish (especially those with natural colours): With pepper as the special ingredient, they offer prebiotic properties that ensure improved absorption of vitamins and minerals.


DYNAMIX Sticks Colour  

For all fish (especially those with red pigments): The ideal mixture of easily digestible carbohydrates in the form of fermented red rice combined with prebiotic pepper promotes the natural pigmentation of red fish.


DYNAMIX Sticks Mix   

For all fish with red pigments and natural colours: Using a mix of Sticks Vital and Sticks Colour is ideal for keeping fish with red pigments and those with natural colours together in the same pond. It contains all the positive properties of both varieties and supports both digestion and colour intensity.


DYNAMIX Sticks Mix + Snack   

For all fish with red pigments and natural colours: Even fish love a snack. Adding shrimps to a main food doesn't just make it taste good – it also promotes bone and scale growth.


DYNAMIX Super Mix    

For mixed stock: There's something in this food for every type of fish in the pond: It offers variety and is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, which allow the fish to optimally metabolise the food.


DYNAMIX Koi Pellets Small und Large   

For small and large koi: Thanks to an optimal recipe with soybean meal and choline, this food ensures that these magnificent fish grow naturally without the risk of obesity. The mix combines green superfood pellets with spirulina and pellets with fermented red rice to promote colour development and support a healthy metabolism.


"Nature's beauty is unmatched".

Frank, 52, architect and koi pond owner

"I'm a huge fan of traditional Japanese culture – and koi are a part of that. They represent happiness, success, strength and many other positive characteristics. But what especially impresses me is their majestic appearance and bright colours. But I don't think a koi is good only if it has this or that pattern. It's important that the fish are healthy and their natural beauty is preserved. The right mixture of easily digestible fats and carbohydrates and the AminoBoost for optimal digestion keep the fish in top form in the truest sense of the word – and ensures that they don't gain any unsightly fatty deposits. In addition, the natural dyes contained in DYNAMIX give them an even more intense radiance and shine. The way they then glide through the water is always a mesmerising, magical sight for me".