Koi keeping is more than a hobby. Many say it's a way of life. The tranquillity of these fish, which are sublime at any size, should be passed on to their owners. In Japan they are considered a lucky charm. They are a symbol of harmony, strength and endurance. They have a strong constitution, but keeping them requires special attention and optimal conditions. It goes without saying that perfectionism must begin with the construction of the pond and carefully selected products which care for the pond and fish. Together with internationally renowned koi experts like Martin Kammerer we have developed the products that can create the optimal environment for your dream koi pond.

A koi pond requires not only passion, but also the willingness to deal with all aspects of the culture of koi keeping. This starts with the realisation that a koi pond is a body of water completely tailored to the fish. A koi pond is not a status symbol. Expertise, enthusiasm and empathy know no social status. Being a koi keeper is above all a question of character.

The older the koi carp get, the more demanding their upkeep becomes. A life expectancy of 60 years is not uncommon with experienced breeders. Koi can mean a relationship for a lifetime. They quickly become trusting and can even be stroked while feeding. This is rather rare for fish in general and makes the direct contact for us humans an all the more extraordinary experience. 

Enthusiasm for koi exists worldwide. Due to the characteristics ascribed to it and its symbolic power, the koi is held in high esteem everywhere. At OASE we are contributing to this by giving you the highest level of quality assurance for our technology, tools and treatments. With us you receive perfectly coordinated components at professional level and of course everything from one source.

New flagship products ProfiClear Premium XL and AquaMax Eco Titanium

The modular drum filter system ProfiClear Premium XL is impressive with intelligent safety functions such as overflow protection and self-cleaning. All functions can be controlled via our proven Easy Garden Control (EGC) system. It provides information via smartphone or tablet about cleaning cycles; the waste levels; and the temperature. In addition, it can automatically send emergency messages to the gardening and landscaping company you trust. In combination with the gravity filter pumps of the AquaMax Eco Titanium series it is also unbeatable for koi ponds. 

Everything for building and maintaining your koi pond

At OASE, we keep all components for system and maintenance perfectly coordinated for you. This naturally includes highly compatible care products. So your fish feel good all the time, get everything from one source. Let us convince you of our product range – find an initial introduction to it here.

Modular flow-through filters

Our modular flow-through filters convince with innovative and powerful filter systems even for large koi ponds. The products from the ProfiClear Premium range can be conveniently controlled via the Easy Control App or via the smart Easy Garden Control. 

Filter pumps

We have the perfect selection of innovative and powerful filter and watercourse pumps. Because the water quality determines the quality of life for flora and fauna in your pond.

Care products

The biological balance of your pond is dependent on careful care. You will find all important care tools. Only the best and everything from one source.