ProfiClear Premium XL

Filtering in new dimensions: Ponds of up to 530 m³ (100 m³ for koi ponds) are cleaned by this top-class modular filter system. Practical control functions and a smart self-cleaning function promise convenience: All settings can be controlled via app once the system is connected to the Easy Garden Control System (EGC). Best suited for large pond owners who want more; the XL-Moving Beds provide high degradation rates of ammonium, ammonia and nitrite. The fixed bed filter with its innovative clear wave blocks adds a final touch to the water.


  • ProfiClear Premium XL Gravity Fed

    The Gravity Fed drum filter with intelligent self-cleaning functionality and 7 DN 110 ports integrates into your garden discreetly. It can reach a flow rate of up to 66,000 l/h.

  • Flow module Gravity Fed XL

    Enlarged pump and UVC chamber for easy integration of AquaMax Eco Expert and AquaMax Eco Titanium filter pumps as well as the new Bitron Premium UVC clarifiers

  • Discharge module Gravity Fed XL

    Greater flexibility in connection due to 5 x DN 110 and 4 x Tradux (2" ducts)

  • High-quality XL stainless steel drum

    Mature, professional technology with more than three years of development time. High-quality stainless steel elements ensure a long service life

  • ProfiClear Premium XL Moving Bed

    Highly effective breakdown of pollutants and nutrients using professional filter media (Oase PondPads) in a moving bed process

  • ProfiClear Premium XL pump fed

    Drum filter with built-in emergency overflow for continuously safe operation. This drum filter reaches flow rates of up to 50,000 l/h.

  • Discharge module pump fed XL

    This discharge module is finished off with a fixed bed filter (Oase ClearWave), ensuring optimal water clarity

  • Discharge module Pump Fed XL

    Highest flexibility due to 5x DN 110 outputs. Built-in floor drain with high-quality slide valve