We all have the desire to live together with nature. No matter whether in a large garden and swimming pond, a small garden, terrace, balcony or even in the house. Nature stimulates us, it gives us moments of peace; it means life. For us at OASE it also means passion. We would like to inspire you to always find new possibilities to design playfully and creatively with nature; to create ponds, to keep fish, to make water dance and to create large and small worlds. Maintain a good quality of life for yourself – both inside and outside.


Do-it-yourself garden paradise

Whether you have a balcony, terrace or garden, no matter how big or small: DIY projects can transform your home into a place that invites you to dream, relax and linger. Our guides accompany you in your DIY endeavours and show you how to implement your projects efficiently and easily.


Garden ponds – peaceful islands

A pond in the garden, with or without fish, is, for many, the ideal place to relax. Garden ponds of all sizes are always welcome places for songbirds. Create your own individual private world by the water.

”From small water features to large swimming ponds: at OASE nothing but the best and everything from one source.

Maximilian Colditz, landscape architect and category manager at OASE

Small water worlds – big ideas 

For small water features, waterfalls or watercourses, there is no need for a garden, not even a body of water. Impressive arrangements can also be put together on balconies and terraces. It's not about space, it's about ideas.


Swimming ponds – paradise-like freedom

Get out of the house and take a quick dip. The body floats, the head is free. Movement in water releases endorphins. From lane swimming to water fun with the whole family; at OASE, anything is possible.


Koi ponds – a calming force

Koi keeping is more than a hobby. Many say it's a way of life. Together with internationally renowned koi experts we have developed ideal products to allow you to create the optimal environment for your dream koi pond.



Aquariums – inspiring underwater worlds

Many aquarists appreciate the beauty and diversity of their underwater worlds. Enjoy the peace and harmony that an aquarium exudes and create your very own underwater world.

biOrb – unique design objects

Small wonderlands above and below water. OASE has developed stylish design objects with biOrb AIR and biOrb WATER. You can add great accents in your living and working spaces, even in small areas.

Introducing freedom - featuring biOrb

Your days have taken on a new, altogether more satisfying rhythm. Sure, your desk and chair need to be comfortable to work from. But you're free to pick the ones which best match your room.