biOrb FLOW

The biOrb FLOW design object offers you a complete view. This version is available in different sizes and colours. Depending on the design, the lighting can be controlled in time cycles. You can choose between different colours for the lighting. In addition to the acrylic aquarium, the complete set includes an LED light unit, the aquarium pump, a transformer, an air stone, the ceramic media and a filter cartridge. This design object can also be used as an aquarium.


  • Filter for fish waste

    All biOrb aquariums have a filter at the bottom of the aquarium. It's where the dirt naturally settles. Simply put: the filter works where there is most to filter.

  • Made of acrylic. Why?

    Acrylic is a tremendously resistant material which is even used in aircraft windscreens. It is also a particularly clear material; with a transparency rate of 93%, it is the clearest of all materials currently known. In addition, acrylic also offers the benefit of thermal insulation. Heat loss is minimal meaning less energy is required to heat your biOrb.