DYNAMIX Koi Pellets small

The koi food with a superfood recipe: Spirulina, soybean meal and fermented red rice are the ingredients that make these pellets an excellent choice. Due to their fascinating patterns, dazzling colours and dynamic movements, koi are often used as a symbol of harmony. Therefore, a balanced diet is essential for achieving these effects. DYNAMIX Koi Pellets (Small) help smaller koi up to 20 cm in body length to grow elegantly shaped bodies and develop brilliant, intensely bright colours and patterns. Of course, the Koi Pellets also have the concentrated power of the DYNAMIX triple effect. It ensures that pond inhabitants have even growth, a strong immune system and a balanced metabolism. These effects mean the pond water remains clear. For koi with a body length of 20 cm or more, we recommend DYNAMIX Koi Pellets Large.