Bitron Eco

Maximum effectiveness thanks to a perfect combination of flow rate and radiation intensity. This UVC clarifier saves illuminant costs due to a 50% longer service life (12,000 hours) and lowers energy costs by up to 50% for the same cleaning performance, because the radiation times are regulated fully automatically. Concentrated UVC power clarifies ponds up to 240 m³.


  • Automatic cleaning rotor

    The automatic cleaning rotor is continuously guided around the quartz glass tube by the water flow and prevents debris from settling.

  • Closure technology

    The quick release closure now allows direct access to the bulb without dismounting the quartz glass. Replacement of the UVC bulb just takes a few minutes.

  • Automatic bypass regulation

    The integrated bypass membrane regulates water distribution automatically based on the water flow and adapts itself to changing conditions, such as the Seasonal Flow Control system, for example.

  • Automatic control unit

    It not only shows the actual status of your bulb and the water temperature, it also allows you to adapt the capacity depending on your requirements.