Bitron Eco 120 W [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Maximum efficiency, thanks to perfect combination of flow rate and irradiation intensity
    • Reduced bulb costs thanks to 50% longer service life (12,000 h)
    • Energy costs reduced up to 50% with the same cleaning capacity*
  • Characteristic

    • FEASIBLE: Easy connection to other 2" filter systems
    • NEW: Large-volume UVC housing with new design and organic shape, for a particularly long retention time and treatment of the water
    • BYPASS: The integrated bypass membrane regulates the water distribution fully automatically based on the water flow and adapts to changing conditions such as the Seasonal Flow Control System
    • AUTOMATIC: The control unit not only automatically shows you the current status of your lamps and the water temperature, it also allows you to adjust the output according to your needs
    • GUARANTEED: Includes OASE clear water guarantee (in conjunction with the OASE flow-through filters BioSmart, BioTec and ProfiClear)
    • CLIMATE PROTECTION: Eco mode saves up to 525 kg CO2/year*2
    • UP TO 50 PERCENT LESS: The eco control system enables maximum energy efficiency with such a high savings potential
    • ANY TIME: Fully effective UVC radiation thanks to patented automatic cleaning of the UV lamp
    • EFFECTIVE: Highly intensive treatment of suspended algae, turbidity and harmful bacteria in pond water
    • WELL PROTECTED: 100% protection against eye damage

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm725 x 227 x 248
Rated voltage220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionW120
Power cable lengthm5.00
Net weightkg7.75
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years2 + 1
UVC powerW120
Temperature displayDigital
Bypass controlautomatic
UVC operating hours meter12000 h
Function checkLED
Number of inletsUnits1
Inlet connectionsmm38 / 50
Inlet connections1 ½", 2"
Number of outletsUnits1
Connections, outletmm38 / 50
Outlet connections1 ½", 2"
Min. flow ratel/h10000
Max. flow ratel/h50000
Max. operating pressurebar1
Suitable for ponds up to max.m3120.0
Suitable for ponds with fish stockm360.0
Suitable for ponds with koi m330.0
Connection toBioTec 30, BioTec ScreenMatic2 90 - 140000, ProfiClear


Spare Parts

1Spare electronic Bitron Eco 120 W IP24497921
3O-Ring Viton 102 x 3 SH50 A308091
4Replacement bulb UVC Eco 60 W570772
5Spare drop protection plate Bitr.Eco 120498181
6UVC lamp holder V2A Bitron Eco 120 2018343701
7ASM impeller lid Bitron Eco 120/180/240W309771
8O-Ring FKM 130 x 3 SH50 A228041
9Quartz glass D89.8 x 618.8 with rim309821
10O-Ring Viton 87 x 6 SH50 A greased734841
11ASM clamp screw Bitron Eco 120/180/240 W309761
12Cleaning impeller Bitron Eco120/180/240W304371
13Additional pack Bitron Eco304781
14Membrane holder Bitron Eco309121
15Bypass membrane Bitron Eco 120 W309981
16Spare housing Bitron Eco 120/180/240 W309811


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