Bitron Premium

Extremely powerful removal of algae and reduction in bacteria levels in ponds up to 280 m³. This clarifier has the same mode of operation as a diving UVC (without endangering the eyes) and is particularly energy efficient due to the switchable UVC heads. It promises an extraordinarily effective sterilisation thanks to the long contact time with the water. The flow-optimised reactor design ensures direct and almost loss-free UV radiation.


  • High quality V4A stainless steel housing

    Provides stability and good reflection rates. Can be used even with increased salt content (dry setup).

  • Easy installation

    Thanks to sturdy stainless steel fasteners.

  • Flexible installation

    Before or after the filter system. Also ideal for other gravity-fed applications.

  • Comfortable & controllable

    Switch the individual UVC heads separately for efficient energy management.

  • Convenient & switchable

    For efficient energy management each UVC bulb can be individually switched on or off