Green Oak Take First Place at Pro Landscaper's Big Impact Awards 2021


Winners of Pro Landscaper’s small project BIG IMPACT Awards 

In the Special Feature Under 20k category, Green Oak took first place this week in Pro Landscaper’s ‘small project BIG IMPACT Awards 2021’. Speaking with the team at Green Oak, they wanted to also give credit to Ben Snell at The Pond Specialist for his assistance koi expertise throughout the project.

Here’s what the Pro Landscape team had to say about the project:
This garden’s existing koi pond hadn’t been well considered, with liners and pumps visible and its scalloped pattern jarring against the rest of the garden. But it was important to the client that it remained so they could expand their koi collection. They also asked for the pond to become both a water feature, with the soothing sound of water in the background, and a stunning feature at night. 

Temporarily moving the existing koi to a pool, 1.2m was dug for the new pond and a sensitively designed chamber and hatch was integrated to house the pumps and filters. This was housed in an extension of the raised bed adjacent to the pond, its dark colour echoing the material palette of the house. Visible from the patio and all terrace levels, the black interior of the pond playfully shows of the iridescent colours of the fish while its high-quality filters keep the water crystal clear.


Pond vacuuming - David Domoney

Installing an OASE Copper Bowl Water Feature with David Domoney