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Enrich your garden by bringing the magic of moving water to the space. You don’t need to have a large garden to benefit from the beauty of water features, in fact if you think creatively with the design, you can have water features in any size or style garden.


Small water worlds


When it comes to designing your garden, it’s ideal to be resourceful with your space. This is especially important if you have a smaller area such as a courtyard, city garden or balcony. With courtyards and city gardens, there’s no need to compromise. Rather than opting for a large feature that will take up valuable floor space, opt for a waterfall feature to add height to the mix.


The cascading of water and the gentle splash into the reservoir creates a magical atmosphere. Create a water wall by fitting a stainless steel waterfall that are easy to install and have a beautifully elegant and uniform flow when fitted up to 1m in height. Top the reservoir with stones and pebbles of various sizes and embellish with water-loving plants that won’t mind being splashed.


Polystichum setiferum (soft shield fern) is an evergreen with soft fronds that have bronze scales through the year. Growing best in a shaded spot with moist but well-drained soil, this hardy fern can cope with splashes from water fountains and features. For a burst of colour, Verbena hastata (American blue vervain) has spikes of violet blue flowers that grow on tall stems like candelabras. Growing up to 1.5m tall, they like a moist but well-drained soil and are well suited to many garden locations like coastal, gravel, prairie, and architectural gardens.


Boost your balcony 


Even balcony and terraces can be home to wonderful features for you to benefit from. Often in urban apartments and flats, they can feel busy and crowded, but adding the soothing sound of water can help to muffle out surrounding noise. Fit a Filtral UVC underwater in a concrete bowl or study container giving you a small fountain effect right on your doorstep. Add some flair with LED lighting so you can enjoy the glistening of the water fountain all year-round. Not only does the fountain look great but the technology kills floating algae and keeps the water nice and clean. There’s really no need to compromise, as you can benefit from water gardening in a space of any size.


Dynamic driveway designs


It may be more common to have water features in the back garden, as an element for making your garden a sanctuary of peacefulness and tranquillity. However, it can also be a great way of adding interest to the front of your home. Consider having a water feature on your driveway or near the entrance of your property as a warm welcome. Fountain bowls are a fantastic choice for a front garden as an elegant embellishment. The copper bowls are available in round or square shapes, and you can emphasise the fountain even more by illuminating it with an LED ring. Doing this adds a new dimension to your home with the movement glimmering through the day and at night. The warm tones of the bowls make them well suited to a cottage garden style where they will be complemented by cosy cobbles and softened by classic cottage plants such as delphiniums and hollyhocks.


Floating fountains 


If you’re looking to refresh your existing pond with a new element, the PondJet Eco allows you to design your own customised water feature. With a spectacular water display that reaches up to 3m tall, the dynamic program is switchable for impressive fountain effects. Make a show of it with additional nozzles and illumination sets that add brilliance to any body of water. Alternatively, if you’re looking for big impact, the displays of the Midi II or Maxi II floating fountains can reach heights up to 16.5m. These are ideal for deeper ponds and where there are fluctuating levels of water. The pump of the fountain helps to circulate water near the surface, and another benefit is they automatically counteract and respond to any changes in water levels.


So, add the magical movement of water to your garden and benefit from the soothing soundtrack of cascading water. Whether you’re looking to refresh your garden or make the most of a small space, there’s a water feature to fit the bill.


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