Utilising shapes in your water garden design - David Domoney


When designing a water garden, there are many considerations to take into account to create your perfect, tranquil space. The size and style of the elements are two of the most important factors because you want the space to cohesively fit with your garden.


Round and around


Rounded gardens can create the illusion of more space because they can disrupt the traditional set space of a rectangular or square plot. Playing with the shapes within a garden can have a wonderful effect.


Even if the space isn’t circular, incorporating round form and elements can do the trick. Curved lawns meeting with natural stone paving that has been cut to fit the contours of the garden. Then topped with a rounded corner sofa, surrounded by large containers filled with fragrant plants to enjoy whilst relaxing.


Or create a secret nook using shapes to enhance one specific area. As the focal point, position the Copper Fountain Bowls nestled in a quiet corner where the tranquil flow of water can add to the soundtrack of your garden. The elegant colour of the copper bowls adds more visual beauty with the added glisten of the water. Then, for further enhancement during night-time, LED rings can be fitted within the bowl to illuminate the bowl and water. This means the feature is a sure-fire winner no matter the time of year. Pair the rounded copper bowls with hanging baskets planted up with flowers and foliage to soften the space. With the foliage and flowers of Begonia odorata cascading down, it’ll add height and form to the space. The showy flowers are a classic perfumed pick for hanging baskets. With red, pink, and white flowers to choose from, they are sure to add some vibrancy to the space if they have a sheltered spot with full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil.


To enjoy the space to the fullest, embellish the hidden nook with a bistro set with a round table, reminiscent of Parisian streets. The furniture looks light and can bring an air of sophistication to a space, the perfect place for a morning coffee or a lunchtime break to enjoy your garden.


Contemporary clean cut


Alternatively, if you want a more clean cut, contemporary style with square and rectangular features, the Corten steel Cubes add solid structure as focal points. These versatile features can be used as standalone upright fountains, or can be cleverly mounted using the Cube Stands to create the illusion of a floating feature.

Soften the defined featured by surrounding with the soft smoothness of white or light-coloured pebbles. Not only will they add a professional looking finish and tie the area together, but they will help to reflect the light to brighten up the area and add more of a shimmer to the flowing water.


Plants to enhance shapes


Plants have the power to transform areas into living features, and different types can be used within gardens to help achieve a certain atmosphere. For example, in contemporary gardens if you want to create more upright structure in an urban space, plants with straight, sword-like leaves can pack a punch. Phormium tenax (flax lily) ‘Sundowner’ is an evergreen with erect leaves that can grow up to 1m in length. The colourful foliage is bronze and green, with reddish-pink margins that add more depth. In a sunny or partially shaded spot, these plants will happily grow.


On the other hand, if you need softer foliage to create a more gentle and whimsical atmosphere, the foliage of ferns like Polystichum aculeatum (hard shield fern) that has compact growth and does well in shaded positions where it offers arching fronts with a leathery green effect. Pair wispy foliage with charming cottage classics like hollyhocks that have dainty looking flowers that grow on tall flower spires that can grow up to 2,5m tall. A sunny spot is needed, and perhaps a stake as support.


Combine shapes in the garden by mixing and matching elements in the garden like plants, furniture, and water features to create impact. Whether you want a relaxed, dreamy space, or a sleek spot, shapes can complement each other to have quite the impression.


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