3 x OASE at the premium award of the German Design Council

The German Design Award is the premium prize of the German Design Council. With its worldwide spectrum and international appeal, it is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries. Since 2012, the German Design Award has been identifying significant design trends, presenting them to a broad public and honoring them. 

OASE has received the "Special Mention" award of the German Design Award for remarkable design achievements with three products: 



The upstream filter pump conveys the water to the FiltoClear. There, filter sponges with different pore sizes first ensure mechanical and biological cleaning. Clarifying microorganisms can settle particularly well on the fine-pored units. In the center of the filter, a powerful UVC lamp removes bacteria, floating algae and germs. The purified water leaves the FiltoClear and flows back into the pond, for example via a stream at a higher level.



HighLine Roomdivider

The HighLine room divider aquarium is specially designed to visually divide rooms: A drywell cleverly integrated into the short side hides the essential but distracting aquarium technology, and the Optiwhite glass provides a clear view of the underwater world. This allows you to marvel at the aquarium from different perspectives. In addition, the lighting is individually configurable and the cover comes with a practical feed flap.



biorb EARTH

biOrb EARTH is the first terrarium that is a complete solution. Every aspect of the animals' well-being is controlled via an app. Humidity, precipitation, lighting, temperature, sounds - all the elements needed to create a natural habitat. To disturb the animals as little as possible, all the technology is hidden on the back. The visible area remains untouched so that the habitat can be enjoyed to the fullest.