First aid for your aquarium: effective water treatment 

Minor problems can often be solved easily. This article provides an overview of the most common problems.

  • Cloudy water indicates organic pollution caused by detritus, fish excrement and food residue. It produces harmful nitrogen compounds, phosphates and fermentation gases that are toxic for fish. Special products such as BoostMix clear water bacteria or KickBoost clear water bacteria enable you to break them down effectively and biologically.

  • Contaminated water damages the biological balance and can lead to increased algae growth and weakened fish. The perfect water values (pH value, carbonate hardness and general hardness etc.) depend on the fish species in your aquarium. Your dealer can advise you on this.

  • Algae growth is unsightly and can harm aquarium inhabitants. Use effective products such as the blue and green algae remover to remove them.

  • Pale colours, discolouration or drooping parts of plants indicate signs of deficiency. Quickly add effective nutrients and fertilisers such as AquaElements vitamins and trace elements and SOSGrow quick fertiliser tablets to revitalise the plants.

  • A lack of nutrients can lead to stunted growth, lack of appetite, decreased movement and increased susceptibility to disease. Give the fish tailored vitamins and trace elements, for example using AquaElements products.

  • Replacing water, transport, adding products and pollution can all increase the stress levels of your fish. You can reduce stress and pollution at the same time with products such as LessStress water purifiers.



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How do I identify the correct water values?

Always keep an eye on the measurements.