ScaperLine aquarium care

The new OASE fertiliser for aquascapers 


Aquascaping is a special type of aquatics that puts the focus on the aquarium plants. Plant care is therefore essential, as well as using a suitable aquarium like the OASE ScaperLine.  

Imagine that you have an aquascape with countless plants of different types and colours – it is important to care for the aquascape properly. The plants should be healthy, have intense colours and have the optimum conditions for growth. For this reason, OASE has developed an aquarium care system that is precisely tailored to the needs of aquascaping. The fertilisers ensure that your plants are supplied with everything they need. In order to optimally tailor the care, all products are systematically matched with each other and can be used together. 

Discover the new ScaperLine care products for your underwater plant life now 

ScaperLine MineralMix fertiliser 

  • Contains nitrogen and potassium
  • With the addition of iron and manganese
  • Ensures particularly intensive growth of many plants
  • Optimises the intense colouring of the plants 


ScaperLine daily fertiliser  

  • Contains rapidly available nutrients
  • With the addition of titanium
  • Acts as a source of iron and ammonium  
  • Supplied with all crucial minerals that can be consumed rapidly  
  • Ideal as a standard fertiliser for any aquascaper 


ScaperLine Plant Boost tablets 

  • Contains nitrogen, phosphate and potassium
  • Acts as a complete trace nutrient package with optimal distribution of nutrients in the substrate
  • Releases nutrients for a longer period of time
  • Ideal as a standard fertiliser for rooted plants 


AquariumActiv aquarium care

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Organix fish food

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