The independent, non-profit international organisation MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is committed to protecting the oceans and fish stocks. Sustainable fisheries can undergo a certification process involving regular inspections. 


To receive the MSC seal, fisheries must fulfil strict requirements and environmental criteria: 

They may only fish in stocks that are not overfished, and they must ensure that the amount of fish harvested from a stock is sustainable and allows for replenishment. 

They safeguard precious marine habitats, with a specific focus on preserving the seabed and minimizing the incidental capture of bycatch. 

They must be part of an effective management system that takes into account relevant laws and international standards and guarantees compliance with the aforementioned criteria. 

These important conditions for the protection of the oceans and their inhabitants have convinced us at OASE that our fish food can genuinely contribute to making a positive impact. 

As a water-focused company, OASE has committed itself to the objective of safeguarding water as an invaluable resource to the highest extent possible. Water is fundamental – it is the foundation of our existence and provides a habitat for myriad animal and plant species.

We are acutely aware of our responsibility in safeguarding this precious element; our objective is to undertake something exceptional and go one step further than others.