How to get your own swimming pond or natural pool.

When the sun is shining and temperatures are rising, the cool water beckons. Swimming ponds and natural pools are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a natural swimming experience without sacrificing comfort or clean, clear water. The advantage: The natural water does not irritate your skin or eyes and the swimming area blends seamlessly into your garden.  

Before you decide on a swimming pond or a natural pool, it's important to be aware of the options available.

The FLL (Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsbau und Landschaftsentwicklung — The Landscape Development and Landscaping Research Society) has defined five different categories of swimming ponds and natural pools.

Category I:

Pure nature without technical features

A category I swimming pond offers the full nature experience, including strong plant growth and a variety of wildlife. Water purification is carried out by plants, zooplankton, micro-organisms and sedimentation — no technology or chemicals required.

Category II:

Nature with a technological touch

Nature also plays a major role in treating the water in category II swimming ponds. A small amount of technological assistance helps to reduce the natural fluctuations in water colour.  

Category III:

Nature with permanent technology

In category III pools, nature and technology work hand in hand. The natural water treatment processes in the swimming pond are supported by a permanent circulation system. Filter technology, substrate and plants work together in constant harmony. 

Category IV:

Technology with a natural touch 

Crystal clear, biologically purified water: When it comes to water purification in category IV pools, technology takes care of most of the work. The circulation system and filters are designed to handle this and the increasing water circulation rate reduces the number of pond microorganisms. 

Category V:

Fully equipped

The natural pool receives constant treatment from a high-performance, multi-level system. The base and the walls of the swimming pond are regularly cleaned by a robot. This technology ensures the greatest possible automation and is a particularly convenient solution. 

For more information, as well as more information about the differences between traditional swimming pools, swimming ponds and natural pools, check out our first-ever swimming pond guide, "Swimming pond, natural pool or swimming pool?"


After you have chosen a swimming pond type, further considerations regarding the location, the costs and the implementation will follow. You should note the following points:

The installation site 

Once you have chosen to install swimming pond, you must first find the perfect place on your property to build it. Often, the most important factor affecting your choice of location is the space required. The size of a swimming pond depends on the swimming and bathing experience you are looking for. On average, a single swim stroke covers a length of 1.50 m: How many strokes do you want to swim per length? The lane width should be approx. 2.0 m. You can use these dimensions to calculate how much space you will need for your swimming area. However, it is important to remember that the regeneration area of a swimming pond can occupy up to 50% of the total area. The proportional size of the regeneration area depends on the type of swimming pond or natural pool you wish to install.  

Ideally, the swimming pond should be installed in a partially shaded area and away from trees in order to avoid excessive contamination. Special requirements regarding the substrate and soil layers should be discussed with a swimming pond expert. 

The cost  

Precise construction costs can only be defined during the construction planning stage. They vary widely and are influenced by the type and size of the swimming pond and by the conditions on-site.  A wide variety of solutions are available to suit your needs and price range. Being prepared to do some of the work yourself can also reduce costs, especially during preliminary work.  

The running costs also depend on the type of pond you choose. Low running cost options are possible, as well as increased convenience through the use of automation. 


Depending on the size, type of swimming pond and your previous experience, you should seek professional support during the construction phase. OASE WaterCreation partners offer qualified professional consultancy for your swimming pond.

The WaterCreation partner you have chosen to help implement your project will initially get in touch with you to discuss your ideas and suggestions for your pool. A subsequent visit to your property will enable our professional consultant to assess the site conditions and plan the next steps with you. This includes, for example, the design, the selection of equipment and any other individual considerations such as access restrictions.  

Depending on the scope of the project and availability of your service provider, your swimming pond dreams could come true within just three weeks.