Fascinating fluidity

Waterfalls for gardens, ponds and outside walls

Make your garden a place where design meets nature! With our technically sophisticated waterfalls, you can supplement the natural space you have designed with a beautiful feature that catches the eye. Flowing water has a relaxing effect and creates a unique atmosphere with its rippling light reflections that constantly form new patterns. This guide will present the variants of waterfall available and show just how easy it is to implement them in your home.  

The solution for ponds and planters

Our waterfall kits can be used to create a great effect even in small spaces! The sophisticated stand design, available in two widths, can be integrated into a previously designed pond in just a few simple steps. Even if you don't have a pond, you don't have to miss out on the soothing sight of flowing water: The waterfall kit can also be placed in flower pots and planters. A perfect solution, even for small gardens and terraces!


An eye-catcher for any wall

Whether you want to install a waterfall on an existing wall or create a special wall in the garden to make it really stand out: Our waterfall variants in widths of 30, 60 and 90 cm, supplemented by XL models, guarantee a feast for the senses with their clear design, high-quality materials and sophisticated technology.  


They provide an elegant, consistent water flow pattern – illuminated by our Waterfall Illumination lights – that you can enjoy even at night. This transforms the waterfall into a graceful light source that allows you to wind down at the end of an evening. 


Silent ...

OASE Silent Splash was developed to create an enchanting optical effect with no background noise. This significantly reduces the sound of water impact on all our waterfall models. 


... with an invisible water reservoir

If you prefer a solution without a pond, the waterfall kit is just as much at home in a stone bed: In this variant, the water is collected by a reservoir (for example, the Wall 60 water reservoir) and then pumped back up again from there. 

Create your waterfall in four easy steps

The OASE waterfall kits are designed so that garden enthusiasts can carry out the installation themselves. Our four diagrams show you how to install a waterfall kit in a pond, for example. 


 First, create a solid, flat base by placing a concrete block at the bottom of the pond. 


 Secondly, fasten the side mounting tabs with stainless steel screws


 A spirit level will help you ensure the structure remains horizontal. Once you've done this, you're almost there! 


 All you need to do now is connect the pump to the hose provided, then open the back wall and attach the hose. Then feed the hose through the opening at the back and place the pump at the bottom of the pond.

You can obtain the products for your waterfall from our trading partners.