The complete experience for balcony, terrace and garden.

Bubbling water is soothing. Why not create a relaxing oasis in your surroundings? Whether it’s a small, self-contained water feature or larger fish pond – with OASE Filtral you can take care of everything.  Just enjoy your personal idyll, relaxing and simple, with no worries.

From self-contained water features to design objects – water features with your personal touch.

Embellish your home. Whether in an old zinc tub, a modern plant pot or a rustic wine barrel - with OASE Filtral 1500 you can express your individuality in a small space and without any prior experience.


Everything you need for your project is a Preformed pond > (for ponds up to 1500 L, with fish up to 750 L), 2-3 plant baskets >, 3-4 aquatic plants, pebbles, optional: underwater spotlights > Filtral UVC 1500 >

From pond to water paradise – water entertainment that enriches your garden.

Make your pond your favourite space. Whether a preformed pond or a larger lined pond, with OASE Filtral (starting from model 3000) you can turn your pond into a water paradise for plants and animals. The optional aeration set creates the ideal oxygen level.




Optional water features with integrated filter for variety, fun and relaxation.

Why not play with water? Whether smooth sprinkling or exhilarant burbling – with the optional adjustable water features MAGMA, LAVA or VULCAN you can bring variety to your water. Simply select a water feature, switch and enjoy.

The all-in-one solution for clear and healthy water.

1. For coarse and fine debris

Plant remains and other debris are removed by various filter sponges.

2. For healthy water

Naturally micro-organisms on the surface of the filter media decompose harmful substances like nitrite. 

3. For a living pond

The continuous water circulation created by the pump helps to maintain the biological balance in thepond. Thus the ideal environment for pond inhabitants is created.

4. For crystal-clear and clean water

The integrated UVC lamp disinfects the water and destroys disturbing algae, e.g. floating algae. This prevents any clouding of the water.

5. For more vitality

The innovative oxygen nozzle oxygenates the water, to the benefit of your fish

6. For refreshing moments of relaxation

Different water features enliven the atmosphere as well as the senses and give you creative freedom.

Reliable cleaning with the option of making an attractive water feature

Just enjoy while Filtral is cleaning: Foliage and food residues often reduce the water quality in ponds and self-contained water features. This does not have to be. OASE Filtral offers an all-in-one solution: Thanks to the continuous water circulation, dirt particles are filtered out. The underwater filter decomposes harmful substances like nitrite and replaces them with useful bacteria. It also sterilises the water and, with the optional aeration kit, adds vitally important oxygen.

The result: Guaranteed clear and healthy water for animals and plants. The best conditions for your new, favourite space on the patio and in the garden. Quick Installation – Simply unpack, connect and relax!