The smart way to increase convenience 

ProfiClear Premium Fleece for koi and swimming ponds

Your koi or swimming pond is the crown jewel of your water garden. It's obvious that you won't be making any compromises here – and nor will we. The ProfiClear Premium Fleece is a fleece filter that is a smart way to increase convenience: It offers you the unique ability to monitor your pond via the OASE Control app, simplified maintenance and the fastest results – so you can enjoy a crystal-clear pond without all the hard work.


The first fleece filter to inform you about the filter status and when you need to replace the fleece via the OASE Control app.


Replacing fleeces instead of thorough cleaning – thanks to the integrated tool, filter maintenance tasks can be carried out in just a few minutes.


Clear water after just a few days.

Thanks to the smart connection to the OASE Control app, you can enjoy full control over your garden paradise: The app provides you with information about the roll status, filter settings and the water temperature – even when you're away. In addition, you can rely on the tried-and-tested OASE quality promises:

  • Thorough: Thanks to the effective combination of biological and mechanical deep filtration
  • Modular: Can be easily expanded with additional components such as UVC clarifiers or filter modules from the ProfiClear L range
  • Safe: The integrated emergency overflow prevents the filter from overflowing
  • Efficient: No water consumption due to filter flushing

Experience new ease of use

Every OASE product is designed to ensure that installing, maintaining and expanding your garden paradise can be achieved in no time at all. Experience the new ease of use that a fleece filter from OASE can offer. 

Reliable cleaning – right down to the smallest detail.

How does the ProfiClear Premium Fleece work?

Fleece filters combine the strengths of biological and mechanical deep filtration. In stage 1, the special filter fleece continually removes suspended matter and algae. In stage 2, the pre-filtered water then flows into the large filter drum containing Hel-X filter media. Microorganisms settle on the filter media, ensuring biological cleaning. In stage 3, the water exits the filter through the Clearwave blocks. The special arrangement of this filter stage ensures particularly thorough biological final cleaning.

Best with the original: OASE fleece rolls

For maximum filtration, we have developed OASE fleece rolls especially for the ProfiClear Premium Fleece. The fleece is particularly tear-resistant and ideally balanced for both effective dirt absorption and optimal water flow. Use the original to achieve optimal cleaning performance.

Components at a glance

The fleece filter is available in two performance classes: The ProfiClear Premium 500 is suitable for use in koi ponds of up to 26,000 litres; the ProfiClear Premium is best for ponds of up to 38,000 litres. Get started quickly – an OASE fleece roll is included with each filter. 

ProfiClear Premium Fleece 500

The ProfiClear Premium Fleece 500 provides brilliant viewing depth in koi ponds up to 26,000 l in size.


ProfiClear Premium Fleece 750

The ProfiClear Premium Fleece 750 provides brilliant viewing depth in koi ponds up to 38,000 l in size.


Fleece roll 500

Original replacement fleece for refilling the ProfiClear Premium Fleece 500 in optimal quality.


Fleece roll 750

Original replacement fleece for refilling the ProfiClear Premium Fleece 750 in optimal quality.

The best advice for the optimal results

Take advantage of our close-knit network of specialist dealers and garden and landscape designers who will offer you dependable support when planning, installing and maintaining your koi or swimming pond.