PondoVac 5

  • Key Features

    • Full power without interruption, thanks to separate suction and pump function
    • Maximum suction depth 2.5 m
    • Also ideal for cleaning pools and swim ponds
  • Characteristic

    • FLEXIBLE: Drain away any amount of dirty water
    • DOUBLE EQUIPMENT: The drain hose has a C-connection on both sides
    • MANUAL: With hand-held controls for regulating the suction power
    • NON-STOP TECHNOLOGY: With an integrated drainage pump for non-stop suction
    • MOVE IT: With its transport wheels and adjustable handle, you can move your PondoVac quickly and with little effort
    • BIG WHEEL DESIGN: More ground clearance, noise-reducing tyres included
    • VERSATILE: You can use your PondoVac 5 to clean garden ponds, swimming pools or natural pools. Or use it as a high-performance wet vacuum cleaner around your household or business premises
    • MONITORING: The transparent suction tube lets you keep an eye on the flow at all times
    • DEEP ACTION: The PondoVac 5 achieves a maximum suction depth of 2.50 m with its powerful 1700 W motor with optimised blade geometry
    • MONSTER SUCTION: Depending on the conditions of use, it can achieve up to 8000 l/h of suction
    • GOODBYE WASTE WATER: Also pumps out waste water across different heights

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm436 x 425 x 716
Rated voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumptionW2400
Power consumption pumpW900
Power cable lengthm7.50
Net weightkg24.40
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years2 + 1
Suction depth max.m2.50
Max. flow ratel/h8000
Length, suction hosem5.00
Length, discharge hosem8.00
Floating hose application38 mm

Spare Parts

1Spare ASM adjustable handle PondoV.3/4/5440241
2Spare part motor head PondoVac 5895931
3Spare filter foam PondoVac Classic / 5440041
4Spare engage plate PondoVac Classic / 5440011
5Spare part debris bag with strap440201
6Spare part tank top PondoVac 5440111
7Spare part clamp PondoVac 3 / 4 / 5440261
8Spare part tank sealing PondoVac 5440181
9Extension hose PondoVac 5434871
10Spare part intake hose PondoVac 3/4/5440291
11Spare part intake PondoVac 5440131
12Spare suction pipe PondoVac transparent440031
13Spare suction pipe aluminium PondoVac440281
14Spare part debris bag PondoVac 3/4440051
15Spare universal nozzle PondoVac 125 mm440271
16Spare part surface brush PondoVac440251
17Spare part nozzle set PondoVac440301
18ASM pump PondoVac 5448311
19Spare part pump holder PondoVac 5440151
20Spare part tank bottom PondoVac 5440121
21Spare part c-cuppler PondoVac 5440161
22Spare part gasket C-coupler PondoVac 5441681
23Spare part wheel sleeve PondoVac 5440231
24Spare part wheel PondoVac 5440221
25Spare part base PondoVac 5440191
26Spare part check valve PondoVac 5440171
27Rubber part AquaMax Pro172321
28Clamp EC1169781


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