LunAqua Power LED W [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Small: Compact spotlight with robust underwater connection technology
    • Strong: it is one of the brightest LED spotlights in our pond illumination product range
    • Economical: only 5.8 power consumption, yet as bright as a 50 W lightbulb
  • Characteristic

    • EXPANDABLE: Through the separately available LunAqua Power LED W on up to four lights per set
    • UPGRADABLE: A 10 m cable is available as an accessory to extend the distance between the light and the driver (max. 4x per line)
    • HIGHLIGHT!: Bright light with low power consumption: One of the brightest LED spotlights in the OASE pond lighting range
    • ROBUST: Spotlights, drivers and cables can be safely used in water up to 4 m deep (in accordance with standards, it is not possible to use the driver underwater in swimming ponds)
    • EFFICIENT: As bright as a 50 W incandescent lamp with a power consumption of only 5.8 W
    • SAFE: Also suitable for use in swimming ponds thanks to its low voltage (24 V DC)
    • COMPACT: Small spotlight with robust underwater connection technology
    • DURABLE: The excellent thermal management and the high LED quality enable a service life of more than 36,000 hours
    • INCLUDED: The following are included in delivery: One or three light fixtures with 5 m cable each, LED driver with connection option for four light fixtures as well as one or three pegs (LunAqua Power LED set 1/set 3)
    • INCLUDED: 3x LunAqua Power LED spotlights, 3x lamp support brackets, 1x driver with 20 m cable (LED floating fountain light, white)

Technical Data

Lamp power consumptionW5.8
Energy efficiency class light fixture not needed
Net weightkg0.50
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years2 + 1

Spare Parts

2Spare LED LunAqua Power LED W437531
3Spare retainer set LunAqua Power LED W437541
5Gasket DMX117101
6Spare set ASM gland seal438671
7LunAqua Power LED Driver 3 m578211
8LunAqua Power LED cable 10 m426361
9ASM distance piece cable connection 2013217681


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