EuroFol EPDM 1.0 mm / 6 x 30 m [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Highly-resistant synthetic rubber liner, extremely durable
    • Rough surface offers ideal settlement surface for microorganisms
    • High-grade flexibility, consequently easy to process with the OASE EPDM liner accessories
  • Characteristic

    • USER FRIENDLY: Large sections from about 50 m2 are rolled up onto a core; small sections are delivered folded
    • GUARANTEE?: 20 years
    • OASE LINER QUALITY: Cut off the roll to the desired size
    • SUSTAINABLE: The material is environmentally neutral and recyclable
    • PERFECT BLACK!: Guaranteed deep black colour – very beautiful and dark underwater for excellent fish contrast
    • WEATHER-PROOF: The liner is ozone-resistant
    • ANIMAL-FRIENDLY: The liner is compatible with fish and plants (according to WrC)
    • CLEAN!: Guaranteed clean liner surface, without talcum residue
    • LIGHT-RESISTANT: The liner is UV-resistant

Technical Data

Roll weightkg185.00
Core lengthm2.10
Core inner diametermm120


Product data sheet