BioSmart Set 14000

  • Key Features

    • Reliable and flexible implementation – entry-level flow-through filter
    • Easy maintenance thanks to cleaning handles and bottom drain
    • Pollutant level indicator and temperature indicator for convenient filter monitoring
  • Characteristic

    • Incl. OASE Clear Water Guarantee
    • Oxygen enrichment through special water channelling
    • Cleaning handles for convenient maintenance
    • Including displays for pollutant level and water temperature
    • Sludge drain for easy removal of coarse debris
    • Easy to conceal; the filter can be recessed into the ground to ⅓ of its height
    • Suitable for ponds up to 14.0 m3
    • Included in the scope of delivery: 3 m 3/4" (19 mm) hose and filter pump 3500: 70 W; 3400 l/h Qmax; 2.7 m Hmax
    • Combination of mechanical biological cleaning and effective UVC technology

Technical Data

Net weightkg8.50
Rated voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption UVCW14
Power cable length UVCm3.00
Guarantee Years2
UVC powerW11
Number of filter foams, totalUnits6
Number of blue filter foamsUnits3
Number of red filter foamsUnits3
Temperature displayYes
Inlet connectionsmm19 / 25 / 32 / 38
Inlet connections¾", 1", 1 ¼", 1 ½"
Outlet connectionsDN 75
Connections, sludge dischargemm38
Sludge discharge connections1 ½"
Corresponding filter/watercourse pumpFilter pump 3500
Power consumption pumpW70
Max. flow ratel/h5500
Power cable length pumpm10.00
Suitable for ponds up to max.m314.0
Suitable for ponds with fish stockm37.0
Suitable for ponds with koi m33.5

Spare Parts

BSpare pump FP 3500137421
1Cover UVC BioSmart294041
2Thermometer neutral295941
3Inner cover BioSmart 14000/16000257311
4Replacement foam red BioSmart357913
5Replacement foam blue BioSmart357923
6Foam holder DLF OEM03348996
7Filter box BioSmart 8000-16000 with UVC257291
8Spare connection kit BioSm 5-16000 w UVC352041
9Cover BioSmart294051
10ASM UVC 7 / 9 / 11 W 2011156651
11Replacement bulb UVC 11 W561121
12Quartz glass D33 x 200 with rim133121
13Sealing set UVC 7 W / 9 W / 11 W120901
14UVC water housing DLF OEM03349001
15ASM UVC 11 W cpl. with waterhousing107681


Instruction manual pump
Instruction manual filter