Skimmer 250 [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Floating high performance skimmer
    • Robust, with a long service life
    • 27 l capacity in the stainless steel basket
  • Characteristic

    • POWERFUL: Skims pond surfaces of up to 250 m2
    • FLOATING: Optimal adaptation to possible water level differences
    • INCLUDED: Mounting material is included in the scope of delivery
    • SPACIOUS: 27 litre stainless steel dirt trap
    • DURABLE: Extremely long service life due to the high-quality use of stainless steel elements
    • FIRST CLASS: Especially large inlet and powerful suction power ensure sensational skimming results

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm775 x 440 x 590
Rated voltage220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Power consumptionW250
Power cable lengthm10.00
Net weightkg31.00
Guarantee Years2
Max. flow ratel/min250
Max. flow ratel/h15000
Pressure-side connectionG 1 ½
Filter volumel27
Skimmer opening widthmm520
Pond surface, max.m2250

Spare Parts

1Spare float flap Skimmer 250223291
2Basket Skimmer 250337521
3Pressure piece Skimmer342011
4ASM gate valve347051
5Double bush IG 1 1/2"100601
6Clamp clip motor housing plastic348121
7Clothing cap 1 1/2" FiltoClear/Skimmer245541
8Spare ASM AquaMax 15000856441
9Flat gasket NBR 60 x 47 x 3 SH40195061
10Pump connection Skimmer342001
12Concrete slab 300 x 150 x 45 mm214901
14ASM grommet cpl.276431
17Nut G 1 1/2333481
20Wire robe stainless steel 3 mm x 20 m301191
21Stainless steel screw clamp 3 mm301171
22Stainless steel carabiner 60 x 6169411
23Fastener 450301282
24Float for Skimmer297852
25Spare float flap 120 mm Skimmer 250904851


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