AlfaFol black 0.5 mm,
Roll-cut width=6m [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Easy bonding or welding with the OASE PVC liner accessories
    • Ideal for implementing individual garden pond shapes, trouble-free cutting to size with scissors
    • Safely seals your pond
  • Characteristic

    • Return guarantee for recycling and specialised disposal
    • Regenerate and cadmium free PVC
    • Cold resistant in accordance with DIN 53361
    • Guarantee: 15 years
    • Material: PVC
    • Integrated tape measure (except for the jumbo rolls)
    • Fish compatible
    • UV-resistant
    • Single ply, black
    • Flexible, consequently easy to process
    • Weld seam resistant
    • Rot resistant
    • OASE liner quality cut to measure from the roll
    • Including a folding diagram that enables the positioning and lay-out of the liner in the pond excavation
    • Large sections from approx. 50 m² are rolled up on a core, small sections are delivered folded

Technical Data

Net weightkg0.59