Maxima 120 [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Can be combined flexibly according to individual requirements
    • Minimum installation effort
    • Easy assembly and quick installation
    • Versatile combinations
    • Robust, stable material
  • Characteristic

    • INDIVIDUAL: Use the modules to put together an individual water reservoir adapted to your water feature
    • RESILIENT: The extremely strong plastic blocks can be easily built over and thus integrated into the environment in a space-saving manner
    • IMAGINATIVE: Ideal for constructing collecting basins, sewage chambers or plant filters underneath green areas
    • MORE IDEAS: Ideal for constructing collecting basins as well as for sewage chambers or plant filters underneath green areas
    • DESIGN FREEDOM: Maxima blocks can be combined easily and quickly, resulting in countless combination possibilities
    • OPTIMAL SUPPORT: Also suitable for the design of garden and open-air systems
    • STORAGE CAPACITY: Each Maxima block provides 96% of its volume for water storage, thus storing large amounts of water in the smallest space
    • ROBUST: Extremely durable modular matrix blocks for creating hidden water tanks that are placed underground in foil basins
    • CONCEALED: For water installations without any visible open water
    • A REAL HEAVYWEIGHT: Able to handle loads according to ASSHTA HS-20 (corresponds to load class B125 according to DIN EN 1433 with 125 kN of test force/12.5 tonnes of test load)

Technical Data

Volume in litresl120
Load capacitykg12500


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