EasyFol EPDM 1.0 mm/ 6.10 x 30.48 m [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Particularly durable, UV and ozone resistant
    • Extremely flexible: Ideal for irregular surfaces
    • Easy to handle thanks to talcum-free surface
  • Characteristic

    • ANIMAL-FRIENDLY : The liner is suitable for both fish and plant life (according to WrC)
    • SUSTAINABLE​: The material is environmentally neutral and recyclable
    • TALCUM-FREE: Clean surface without any residues
    • WARRANTY: 20 years
    • FUTURE-PROOF​: An extremely durable liner
    • CLIMATE-PROOF​: The liner is ozone-resistant
    • LIGHT-PROOF: The liner is UV-resistant
    • ROBUST​: The liner is stretchy and flexible
    • EASY: The liner can be glued immediately
    • 100% RUBBER: The liner is 100% rubber

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W)m30.48 x 6.10
Roll weightkg264.08
Core lengthm2.13
Core inner diametermm120