FiltoClear 5000

  • Key Features

    • Effective clear water through the perfect combination of filter system and UVC technology
    • Simple handling and convenient, patented cleaning mechanism
    • Can be perfectly integrated into the natural pond landscape
  • Characteristic

    • POND FILTER: Patented cleaning mechanism with optimised filter sponges
    • CONVENIENT: Easy to maintain and clean thanks to simple handle mechanism
    • EASY LAMP CHANGE: The UV lamp can be changed while the unit is running – no need to switch off the filter, no need to dismantle the quartz glass
    • PROTECTED: The high-quality UVC housing protects the ballast unit from sunlight and moisture
    • POWERFUL: All latest generation FiltoClear models feature upgraded, highly effective UV lamps
    • 2-WAY VALVE: Choose whether the water flows into the pond or into the waste water after cleaning the filter
    • IMPROVED EFFICIENCY: The built-in OASE bypass technology ensures optimum water flow and prevents the filter from clogging
    • STABLE AND ROBUST: The hard-wearing housing made of high-quality plastic can be easily buried in the ground and impresses with its long durability
    • UNDER PRESSURE: The metal clamping ring with simple lever function makes opening and closing a FiltoClear safer and easier than ever before

Technical Data

Dimensions (Ø x H)mm380 x 370
Rated voltage220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionW18
Power cable lengthm5.00
Net weightkg8.00
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years2 + 1
UVC powerW18
Number of red filter foamsUnits1
Number of purple filter foamsUnits1
Inlet connectionsmm38 / 50
Inlet connections1 ½", 2"
Connections, outletmm38 / 50
Outlet connections1 ½", 2"
Connections, sludge dischargemm38 / 50
Sludge discharge connections1 ½", 2"
Max. flow ratel/h5000
Max. operating pressurebar0.2
Suitable for ponds up to max.m35.0
Suitable for ponds with fish stockm32.5

Spare Parts

1Additional pack FiltoClear 5000-31000838941
2Clamping ring FiltoClear 3000-31000777541
3O-Ring EPDM-S 330 x 8 SH35 blue777731
4Filter box FiltoClear 3000/5000890011
5Mesh tube FiltoClear moulded216181
6Holder foam distance plate FC 5000-31000777331
7Foam dist.plate FiltoClear 5000-31000777321
8Replacement foam set FiltoClear 5000778721
9Foam plate FiltoClear 5000-31000777341
10Lip seal FiltoClear 5000-31000777351
11ASM handle unit FiltoClear 5000838881
12Spare lamp head UVC FiltoClear 18 W743691
13Replacement bulb UVC 18 W562361
14Spare clamp screw UVC FC 18/24/42/60 W743801
15Quartz glass D44 x 201.5 with rim743771
16O-Ring Viton 42 x 5 SH50 greased734861
17Spare lid FC 5000/13000/19000/31000743811
18Tube adapter FiltoClear 2022869411
19End cap tube bottom FiltoClear 30000154801
20Handle/flap FC 5000/13000/19000/31000743681


Instruction manual filter