AquaMax Eco Expert 27000 / 12 V [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Suitable for networks and powerhouse with low energy consumption
    • Patented frost protection to –20 °C
    • With switchable SFC function, enabling an additional 30 % savings in energy costs, depending on the water temperature
  • Characteristic

    • FOR HIGH DEMANDS: Ideal for large watercourses and waterfalls, while the 12 V version is perfect for swimming ponds and natural pools – even if they contain saltwater
    • EXTREMELY EFFICIENT: Extremely strong and energy-saving pump capacity
    • EFFECTIVE AGAINST DIRT: Very high efficiency with excellent pump capacity for coarse debris particles up to 11 mm in size
    • ROBUST: Durable housing with stainless steel
    • FOR UNIVERSAL USE: Can be set up underwater or in dry conditions
    • FOR THE SAKE OF THE ENVIRONMENT: Intelligent and environmentally conscious regulation of the flow rate and delivery head, patented as "Seasonal Flow Control"
    • MADE IN GERMANY: Precise and reliable engineering skills at a particularly high level of quality
    • SFC FUNCTION: Switch on and save up to 30% energy
    • WINTER-PROOF: This pump is damage-resistant down to temperatures as low as –20 °C

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm540 x 250 x 220
Power consumptionW30 - 260
Power cable lengthm8.00
Net weightkg16.50
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years3 + 2
Max. flow ratel/min450
Max. flow ratel/h27000
Max. head height, metresm4.60
Pressure-side connectionmm50
Pressure-side connectionG 2
Suction-side connectionmm63
Suction-side connectionG 2 ½
Hose connectionmm38 / 50
Hose connection1 ½", 2"
Filter intake surfacecm21120
Max. coarse debris displacementmm11
OASE Control connectionYes
Electronic adjustmentYes
Setup typeCan be set up underwater & dry installed


Spare Parts

8Spare rotor AquaMax Eco Exp. 27000 12 V902791


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