AquaAir Eco 250 [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Injector nozzle for oxygen distribution even on the pond floor
    • Penetration depth to 4 m
    • High quality, durable workmanship with stainless steel
  • Characteristic

    • DURABLE: Extremely long service life due to the high-quality use of stainless steel elements
    • FLEXIBLE: Adjustable injector nozzle for targeted oxygen injection into shallow and deep water zones
    • SMART: Individual control options to conveniently adjust the flow rates to the ambient conditions
    • QUIET: Quietly operates underwater
    • EFFECTIVE: The high flow rate at low power consumption puts standing water in motion and enriches it with vital oxygen
    • ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION CONTROL: Pump blockage and dry run protection thanks to EFC by OASE
    • SFC FUNCTION: Temperature-dependent water circulation to support pond life
    • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: A Garden Controller Home, Cloud or InScenio FM-Master Home, Cloud is required to use the OASE Control functions

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm725 x 555 x 310
Rated voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumptionW60 - 440
Power cable lengthm30.00
Net weightkg23.50
Guarantee Years2
Max. flow ratel/h26000
Water depth, min.m0.50
Filter intake surfacecm23000
Suitable for ponds up to max.m3250.0

Spare Parts

BASM AquaMax Eco Expert 26000 AquaAir873431
1Float 18 l297861
2Handle srew M8 x 20300881
3ASM injector complete101891
4Hose clamp 20 - 32 mm118181
5Hose adapter 3/4"300901
6Double bush IG 3/4"300941
7Bushing 3/4" incl. nut300861
8Handle srew M6 x 20300891
9Countersunk screw V2A DIN 7982 4.8 x 19275891
10Motor holder AquaAir 2021873511
11Outer lid AquaAir 250743211
12Drum perforated sheet machined AquaAir873521
13Pump housing holder AquaAir 2021873481
14Spare rotor AquaMax Eco Exp. 21000-26000405081
15Fastener 450301281
16Stainless steel carabiner 60 x 6169411
17Stainless steel screw clamp 3 mm301171
18Wire robe stainless steel 3 mm x 20 m301191
19ASM pump housing AquaMax Eco Exp. 26000378371


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