ProfiClear Premium Standing Bed Module L [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Mature, professional technology with more than three years of development time
    • Modern modular filter system for professional water quality where space is at a minimum
  • Characteristic

    • CLEARWAVE BLOCKS: The extremely dense filter structure creates the largest possible inner surface, ideal for the colonisation of filter bacteria
    • DRUM FILTER CONNECTORS: To achieve the best filtration results, a ProfiClear Premium L or XL drum filter is placed upstream of the module
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Open the gate valve and the water will quickly drain away. The filter can then be conveniently removed for cleaning and maintenance and then reassembled.
    • OPTIONAL VENTILATION: You can add oxygen with the optional additional ventilation – this is an additional boost for even more water-cleaning filter bacteria activity
    • ROBUST HOUSING: Made from high-quality glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP Duroplast), the housing is extremely resistant to UV and temperature and therefore very long-lasting.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm830 x 600 x 820
Net weightkg44.00
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years2 + 1
MaterialGRP Duroplast
Number of inletsUnits2
Inlet connectionsmm180
Inlet connectionsDN 180
Number of outletsUnits2
Outlet connectionsDN 150
Sludge discharge connectionsDN 75
Connection toAquaOxy 500
Min. flow ratel/h10000
Max. flow ratel/h33000
Installation height above water levelcm11.5
Type of usePump fed system
OtherAeration pre-installed
Pollutant discharge incl. slide valve

Spare Parts

1ASM lid container M / L727801
2Lock nut V2A DIN 985 M661281
3Holder Clear Wave L745471
4Cap nut V4A DIN 1587 M6849451
5Screw Torx V2A ISO14583 M6x20 Gleitmo615772631
6Fiberplate DIN 7603 6 x 12 x 1 mm206091
7Airstone clamp bio filter172161
8Air stone 50 mm blue220791
9Screw Torx V2A ISO14583 M6x25 Gleitmo615772611
10Clear Wave L 100745431
11Clear Wave L 150745441
12Spare air connector Standing Bed745491
13Holder Clear Wave L fixation745481
14Container Standing Bed L884441
15Gasket mesh tube 2016437561
16Outlet 150/1 ProfiClear M 2 - M 5269581
17Oval head screw CZ-V2A DIN 7981 6.3 x 32275721
18Spare drain DN75 Premium184461
19spare screw set drain DN75 Premium184481
20ASM rubber bushing D178 mm172511
21Outlet 150/2 ProfiClear M 2 - M 5269871


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