ScaperLine 90 black Set

  • Key Features

    • Optiwhite glass for vibrant colours
    • Bevelled edges
    • Practical storage of aquascaping tools and a clean look
  • Characteristic

    • DETAILED DESIGN: Aquascapers have given it a lot of thought and have incorporated practical details into the ScaperLine aquarium combination that are second to none
    • CLEAN LOOK: The cable duct on the cabinet and the specially polished glass edges ensure clear contours and give your artwork an aesthetic frame
    • EASY TO MAINTAIN: The practical magnetic tool holder in the base cabinet keeps your aquascaping tools or a towel in easy reach – for easier setup and care
    • WELL COORDINATED: The aquarium and base cabinet complement each other perfectly and the tank joins seamlessly with the cabinet – with no unsightly edges
    • CABLE AND HOSE FEED-THROUGH: The cable and hose feed-throughs on both sides, either of which can be closed up as required, ensure an organised aquarium, depending on the number of cables and hoses
    • CONVERSION TO A ROOM DIVIDER: The optional room divider plate, which can be mounted on the back of the cabinet, makes it possible to turn the ScaperLine into a room divider
    • PULL-OUT FILTER DRAWER: The external filter can be easily cleaned with the convenient pull-out filter drawer
    • MATCHING ENSEMBLE: The aquariums and base cabinets of the OASE ScaperLine range are perfectly coordinated and boast well-thought-out, practical details

Scope Of Delivery

Technical Data

Volume in litresl180
Aquarium dimensions (L x W x H)cm90 x 45 x 45
Glass thicknessmm8
Dimensions (L x W x H)cm90 x 45 x 126
Net weightkg68.50
Guarantee Years2
Number of lightsUnits0

Spare Parts

1ScaperLine 90 Aquarium879971
2ScaperLine 90 cabinet black880211
3ScapeLi. 90 repl. wall left black short745541
4ScaperLine 90 repl. wall left black long752361
5ScapeLi. 90 repl. wall right black short759541
6ScapeLi. 90 repl. wall right black long762761
7ScaperLine 60 blanking bars long silver759831
8ScaperLine 90 blanking bars long silver759851
9ScaperLine 90 spare door black left743851
10ScaperLine 90 spare door black right744151
11HighLine push-fitting set cabinet495921
12ScaperLine spare filter drawer760891
13ScaperLine 90 shelf760071