QuickfilterAction Phosphate Rem. 60 g

  • Key Features

    • Ready-to-use mesh bags for phosphate reduction
    • Does not cloud or colour the water
    • Free from heavy metals
  • Characteristic

    • Emergency relief and controlled sustained release in one
    • For clear water
    • Does not cloud or colour the water
    • pH neutral
    • Fast-acting in ready-to-use mesh bag
    • Suitable for freshwater
  • Product Information

    Rinse the mesh bag under running water and place it in the filter. Depending on the level of phosphate in the aquarium water, replace after 2 to 6 weeks.
    1 mesh bag (60 g) per 100 l of aquarium water;
    1 mesh bag (150 g) per 250 l of aquarium water;
    2 mesh bags (of 150 g) per 500 l of aquarium water.

Technical Data

Container size60 g