DYNAMIX Koi Pellets Large 8 l [INT]

  • Key Features

    • With the DYNAMIX triple effect
    • Promotes natural growth and a strong immune system
    • Contains the superfood spirulina
  • Characteristic

    • SUPERFOOD PELLETS: Pellets with spirulina, soybean meal and red rice are particularly good for koi and support growth and colour intensity
    • FISH TARGET GROUP: For larger koi from 20 cm in body length
    • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 3: The addition of AminoBoost enables the optimal utilisation of the rich protein supply for vitality in fish, and helps ensure clear pond water
    • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 2: Supporting a balanced intestinal flora with rich, prebiotic dietary fibres promotes a strong immune system
    • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 1: Valuable omega-3 fatty acids serve as important building blocks for natural, beautiful growth
    • BRILLIANCE AND INTENSITY: Natural, aquatic pigments are used by the fish for colour intensity, contrasting patterns and dazzling colours

Technical Data

Suitable for freshwaterYes
Suitable for saltwaterNo