BioStyle 180 grey

  • Key Features

    • Compact hang-on filter that fits perfectly into the aquarium
    • It's simple and straightforward to clean, and comes with a cartridge replacement indicator
    • Includes three different filter media: Foam, fleece and carbon
  • Characteristic

    • ADAPTABLE: Spacer can be used flexibly for easy installation
    • TWO-STAGE FILTRATION: Mechanical and biological cleaning
    • FROM GENTLE TO POWERFUL: Infinitely adjustable water flow rate
    • QUIET: Pleasant, quiet operation
    • FLEXIBLE: Telescopic suction pipe
    • EASY MAINTENANCE: An indicator shows when it is time to clean or replace the filter cartridge

Technical Data

Net weightkg1.27

Spare Parts

1Cover w/ indicator BioStyle 180/50 grey871801
2Filter foam set 4 BioStyle 30ppi orange839371
3Disposable cartridge set 4 BioStyle839311
4Outlet stopper BioStyle 115/30, 180/50871871
6Replacement motor BioStyle765901
7Spare rotor BioStyle 50 Hz872031
8Inlet unit BioStyle871741
9Spare spacer BioStyle grey871851
10Inner walls BioStyle 180/50872001


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