ORGANIX Veggievore Granulate 500 ml MSC [INT]


  • Key Features

    • As good as the real thing: Choice ingredients following nature’s example
    • Sustainable: Aquarium food from MSC-certified fishing
    • Varied: More variety, healthier fish
  • Characteristic

    • FOR HERBIVORE FISH: Ideal for the daily, complete feeding of species that prefer a predominantly plant-based diet
    • ALGAE POWER ON THE MENU: With 4.6% chlorella algae, 4.6% spirulina and 4.6% mineral-rich kelp
    • CHLORELLA ALGAE: Provides iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc
    • SPIRULINA: Rich in proteins and vitamin B12
    • KELP: Rich in natural antioxidants and provides fish with a variety of trace elements, vitamins and bioactive substances
    • DIFFERENT SWIMMING LEVELS: Different granule sizes in a pack with different sinking rates ensure that fish can eat in peace at different swimming levels
    • OPTIMAL PROTECTION: The granules boast a special swelling speed to ensure that the rich ingredients remain protected for longer
    • AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING: Choice ingredients following nature’s example, without attractants and fillers
    • SUSTAINABLE: With sustainable kelp
    • VERSATILE: Nine tasty variants and a range of varieties that can also be combined
  • Product Information

    Feed 2-3 times daily. With 4.6% chlorella algae, 4.6% spirulina and 4.6% kelp. Composition: MSC krill, MSC fish meal, wheat bread flour, wheat germ, wheat feed flour, chlorella algae, spirulina, kelp, krill oil (with natural astaxanthin), daphnia, brewer's yeast. Analytical constituents: Crude protein 39.5%, crude fat 15%, crude ash 8.5%, crude fibre 2.2%. Additives: Nutritional feed additives/kg: Vit. A (3a672a) 28000IU, Vit. C (3a300) 210mg, Vit. D3 (3a671) 2100IU; Iron (3b103) 34mg, Manganese (3b502) 43mg, Zinc (3b603) 42mg. Technological additives: with antioxidants. Store in a cool and dry place.

Technical Data

Size of granules0,5 - 2 mm
Suitable for freshwaterYes
Suitable for saltwaterYes