Hanging display PondGloves,
filled [INT]

  • Key Features

    • Insulating, fully elastic neoprene
    • Protect against cold fingers and hands
    • Strong grip, very comfortable
  • Characteristic

    • THERMAL: Protects your fingers and hands from getting cold in and around the water in a highly comfortable way
    • SENSITIVITY: Facilitates delicate work on plants and pond technology, especially during the wet and cold season
    • INSULATING: Comfortable protection against the cold for fingers and hands
    • VERY COMFORTABLE: 2 mm-thick neoprene and yet fully elastic
    • FIRM & SECURE GRIP: Special coating on the grip surfaces for full grip even in cold weather
    • SMALL HANDS, LARGE HANDS: Five precision-fit sizes for men or women, from S/7 to XXL/11