"Biotope aquariums" is a very exciting topic for aquarium lovers and highlights the versatility of this hobby. The challenge of a biotope aquarium is to imitate the natural habitats of fish, shellfish and plants as closely as possible and to create and maintain ideal conditions. In these aquariums, the inhabitants and plants come from the same region.

That is why we're delighted to be able to support this year's BIOTOPE AQUARIUM contest and those who are passionate about taking part in the competition.

The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM project is a unique online database that is completely dedicated to natural biotopes, biotope aquarium models, fish and aquatic vegetation. The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM contest (BAC) is an excellent way for aquarists to get involved in biotope science. 


Winners of the "East Asia continent" category


Yanqi River in Shentang Valley, Beijing, China


Yanqi River in Shentang Valley, Beijing, China


Heukcheon river, Yangpyeong province, South Korea