Aquarium types – which aquarium should I choose? 

Use your aquarium to create a new, individual room concept in your home. Whether as a stylish eye-catcher in the living room, a colourful highlight in your favourite corner or a peaceful spot in your home office. You can add your personal dream aquarium to your home and enjoy it from every conceivable angle. Our range of aquarium designs provide the perfect backdrop for this. Find out more about our convenient, timeless products here.

Complete kit: StyleLine

StyleLine aquariums include everything you need to get started. In addition to the glass tank, the complete kit also includes the perfectly coordinated equipment. The BioPlus Thermo corner internal filter delivers crystal clear water and is easy to remove for aquarium maintenance. In addition, an adjustable heater is included in the filter to deliver the appropriate water temperature. The energy-efficient Classic LED lighting kit enables plants to grow better with the perfect light spectrum. The aquariums are available in three sizes (75 to 160 litres). The matching base cabinet for the StyleLine aquarium is available in two colours.


Individual: HighLine 

Customise the HighLine aquarium to suit your personal lifestyle: Choose from six sizes between 125 and 580 litres and four different designs of matching base cabinet. If you want to redesign your living space, you can centre the focus of the room on the aquarium by making it an elegant room divider. You can also equip the interior of the base cabinet with shelves or drawers as you wish. The pull-out drawer for the external filter is a convenient extra for easy maintenance.


Artistic: ScaperLine

Our ScaperLine models enable you to turn your aquarium into a living work of art. Exclusive design and sophisticated details combine to create a perfect unit. The mitred aquarium glass provides a clear view of your dream world. The cable inlet into the base cabinet is almost invisible thanks to a locking magnetic system. In addition, your special scaping tools in the cabinet are always close to hand on their magnetic holders. Choose your dream design from three sizes between 75 and 250 litres and three colours.


Diversity and perfection in your aquarium

There are no limits to your hobby: A very wide range of freshwater aquariums is available. The traditional tank is the community aquarium which house various plants and aquarium inhabitants that like similar water conditions. Only inhabitants of a certain species live in the species tanks. Biotope aquariums are a specialised type, but one which should not be ignored. With these, special care is taken to create the perfect copy of a natural habitat, with the plants and inhabitants that naturally occur in them. Aquascaping (natural aquariums) is the highest art of aquarium design. The result is fantastically beautiful underwater worlds made of natural materials. These are a perfect imitation of existing landscapes, such as mountains and the jungle, or can portray pure fantasy worlds. Coordinated aquarium inhabitants and plants make up part of the overall artwork with the plants usually being the focus of the design to form breathtaking highlights. 

These are just the headline categories that include a whole host of sub-groups to enable you to make your hobby as creative as possible. 

Can’t wait to start on your own aquarium?

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