Save electricity with OASE’s Eco pond products

Clever, power saving products for your garden

With our wide range of products, you can transform your garden into a place of well-being.  At the same time, you can easily reduce ongoing energy costs with our smart control functions and energy-efficient pond pumps. Keep reading to discover more details.

Powerful and economical: The AquaMax product range

Thanks to an economical motor these pond pumps work particularly efficiently, even at full power. On the Classic C models you can even reduce energy consumption using the app or integrated controller. At temperatures below 10°C OASE’s unique Seasonal Flow Control (SFC)* independently reduces the water volume and head height by around 50%. Saving you up to 30% in energy costs.

* Available on the Eco Premium (from 12,000 model), Eco Expert and Eco Titanium ranges


Efficiency controlled: The Bitron Eco

The effective UVC pre-cleaner helps save on bulb costs as it extends their service life. It only switches on when it’s needed - reducing energy costs by up to 50% for the same cleaning performance. If you use the Bitron Eco all year round at 75% capacity, you’ll save around 527kW/h.


Smart savings: The OASE Control app.

In the garden your smart pumps, filters and lights can be configured conveniently at any time with the OASE Control app. It is also the perfect assistant to help you reduce energy costs. Did you know you can use it to reduce the flow rates of your pumps or automatically change your lighting times?


With the best values

You can rely on it: Our filter and watercourse pumps from the AquaMax Eco product family are particularly cost-efficient. We have even tested this for you in comparison with other manufacturers. 

In the following you will find a comparison of the pure energy consumption* in five years as well as a calculation of the total costs* (purchase, maintenance and electricity costs) in five years - because that is how long the OASE total warranty is valid. 

We start with the category from 10,000 liters per hour, in which our AquaMax Eco Premium 10000 model comes out on top in both cases:

Energy costs comparison

Total cost comparison

Our AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 model also takes the top spot in our comparison, this time in the category from 15,000 liters per hour: 

Energy costs comparison

Total cost comparison

*Comparison of energy costs and total costs: The diagrams show the energy consumption of the pumps during a runtime of five years, extrapolated to a permanent runtime of 24 hours on 365 days per year at an average electricity price of 36ct/kWh. The underlying measured values originate from an in-house determination of the pump characteristic curve of three specimens per pump type, carried out by OASE GmbH, as well as in the total cost comparison, taking into account the non-binding price recommendations of the manufacturers (source country: Germany). In the total cost comparison, in the case of 2-year warranties, any necessary wear and tear/repair was mapped at an average of 1.5 times the recommended retail price. In the case of three-year warranties, a correspondingly higher level of reliability was assumed, which is why no flat rate for wear and tear was included here. The five-year period was chosen due to the highest available total warranty of the compared manufacturers. 

More information on the test setup

Tips: How to save even more energy

  • Reduce the flow rate of your filter and watercourse pumps to what is necessary. This reduces energy consumption and saves you money.
  • Switch off the filter and watercourse pump for operating a watercourse or waterfall from fall to spring.

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