Energy-saving tips for the aquarium

Energy saving tips for your aquarium

Your aquarium is the centre of your creative ideas. OASE offers a range of perfectly coordinated technology to help you bring these ideas to life. By following some of the tips below you can also save energy.


1. Pay attention to location

Do not place your aquarium in a drafty room or hallway as the water can cool down quickly. Your heater will have to use more energy getting the water to the correct temperature.


2. Add extra insulation to your aquarium

If you have an open top aquarium, where you can, add a cover during winter months. Less heat will escape and it will take less energy to maintain the water temperature. If there’s space between your tank and the wall, adding polystyrene sheets will also help to insulate the aquarium.

3. Regulate the temperature

Most fish require water temperatures of 22-24°C. If the room temperature is consistently 22°C during the day, consider only turning on the heater at night. Keep an eye on your aquarium temperature with the OASE Digital Thermometer.


4. Adjust your fish stocking plans

If you haven’t added fish to your aquarium yet, consider species that prefer cooler or temperate water.

Smart energy saving tips 

The OASE Control-App



With the OASE Control app you have a mobile control centre for your underwater world in your hand. You can control the flow pump and lighting anywhere, anytime and save energy.

  • Reduce lighting time – Use the OASE Control app to create efficient schedules to automate your aquarium’s light cycles. Consider only having the lights on when you’re at home.
  • Change the flow cycles – Regulate the performance of your flow pump and reduce running times.

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