BioPlus 50

  • Key Features

    • Complete set: Available with or without the integrated HeatUp adjustable heater – can also be retrofitted with the BioPlus – for undisturbed views of the underwater world
    • Integrated outlet nozzles: even surface movement, prevents formation of biofilm, enriches with oxygen
    • Particularly easy to clean as only the filter unit is removed
  • Characteristic

    • FULL POWER: The extra-high volume filter sponges ensure effective mechanical and biological filtration. For crystal-clear water, a fine, optional filter fleece also removes any remaining particles
    • EASYCLEAN MECHANISM: Extra-easy cleaning: The compact filter unit can be removed easily while the pump unit remains in place
    • SPACE-SAVING: Can be installed discreetly in a corner
    • DISCREET: Integrated outlet nozzles instead of an impractical outlet pipe. The nozzles produce a uniform surface movement and ensure optimal oxygen enrichment
    • ECONOMICAL COMPLETE SET: Extremely quiet and energy-saving pump

Technical Data

Suitable for aquariums up to max.l50
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm120 x 110 x 210
Rated voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumptionW5
Power cable lengthm1.50
Net weightkg0.61
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years3 + 1
Max. flow ratel/h350
Max. head height, metresm0.40
Filter volumel0.3
Suitable for freshwaterYes
Suitable for saltwaterYes

Spare Parts

2Spare suction cup D30449491
3Spare set holder BioPlus 50451371
4Spare pump cover BioPlus451351
5Spare cover filter module BioPlus451421
6Spare rotor BioPlus 50451321
7Spare set filter module BioPlus451411
8Filter foam BioPlus 20 ppi blue452631
9Spare set cover BioPlus451401
10Spare part spray bar BioPlus451361
11Filter foam BioPlus 30 ppi blue466561
12Filter fleece set BioPlus white452641


Instruction manual filter