ProMax ClearDrain 6000

  • Key Features

    • A cool head: Optimal heat dissipation of the motor, even when operating in shallow water
    • A popular helper: Drying of various areas down to very low residual water levels
    • Simple start-up: Supplied connection accessories allow quick and easy commissioning of the pump
  • Characteristic

    • SHALLOW SUCTION: Can pump water down to a residual water level of 3 mm
    • COOLING FUNCTION: The design of the pump ensures that the motor can be flushed with water even at low water levels
    • ROBUST & RELIABLE: Automatically switches on and off by means of a float switch
    • EASY TO CONNECT: It is easy to connect via the lateral pressure nozzle G 1 ¼
    • IMMEDIATELY READY TO USE: Includes 90° elbow and stepped sleeve
    • Shallow-priming: Pumps to a residual water level of 3 mm
    • Water cooling: The pump design ensures that water flows around the motor, even at low water levels
    • Robust and reliable: Automatic pump switch-on and switch-off through the float switch
    • Easy connection installation: Lateral 1¼" pressure port
    • Easy to connect: Incl. 90° elbow and stepped adapter

Technical Data

Flow rate – Q max.l/h6000
Delivery head – H max.m6.00
Pressure – max.bar0.6
Power consumptionW220
Power consumptionhp0.3
Rated voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Guarantee Years2
Immersion depth max.m7.00
Grain size – max.mm5
Flat priming tomm3
Automatic functionFloat switch
Pressure-side connectionG 1 ¼
Power cable lengthm10.00
Protection classIPX8
Net weightkg4.80
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm178 x 237 x 337
Item no. (GB-Version)not available in GB!


Spare Parts

1Spare part handle Drain 6000483451
2Filter plate ClearDrain445861
3Adapter set Drain 1 1/4" elbow483441


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