Water Quintet

  • Key Features

    • Remote controlled water feature with varying fountains and white LED illumination
    • Water patterns can be selected from the pre-set programs
    • Can be used in swim ponds thanks to 12 V technology
  • Characteristic

    • MAINTENANCE: It couldn't be simpler
    • SUSTAINABLE: Low energy consumption
    • PROGRAM CHANGE: Fountain heights (30–140 cm) can be programmed to change automatically
    • INDIVIDUAL FLAIR: The water features can be installed either standing upright or suspended
    • ON THE MINUTE: Can be combined with a timer (not included)
    • COMPLETE PACKAGE: Five pumps, five nozzles with LED, transformer, cable, external control system
    • PLUG 'N SPRAY: Installation as easy as ever
    • PRE-PROGRAMMED: Eight different programs with different fountain heights and light intensities
    • MAKE A SPLASH: Can also be used in swimming ponds
    • AMPLE FREEDOM: Control the programs from up to 80 m away simply via remote control

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm430 x 300 x 240
Net weightkg11.30
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years2 + 1
Light colourWarm-white
Cable length 12 V device (with power unit)m2.50 (Power unit) + 8.00
Fountain height, max.m1.40
Jet diametermm5
Dimensions control unit: (L x W x H)mm215 x 180 x 305
Power consumptionW50
Rated voltage, prim. (control system)V12
Hand-held transmitter / range max.m80.00
Dimensions transformer: (L x W x H)mm160 x 100 x 100
Rated voltage (primary, secondary)220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz, 12 V / DC

Spare Parts

ASM transf. DC connector 13.5 V / 60 VA358070
1Nozzle protector118785
2ASM top cover Water Quintet119591
3ASM LED nozzle Water Trio / Quintet warm766115
4Base plate Water Trio / Quintet118841
5ASM cable protection Water Quintet124751
6ASM controller Quintet programmed119941
7Cover FM-Master333711
8Power supply 100 VA / 12 V DC 8A V-2020770231
10ASM extension Water Trio / Quintet1199310
112 channel remote control112821
12ASM pump Easy EC119785
13Spare rotor Easy EC466605
14ASM bearing plate w. gasket Trio/Quintet124745
15Filter housing Easy EC119095


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