AquaMax Eco Premium 12000 / 12 V

  • Key Features

    • Outstanding energy efficiency and displacement capacity
    • Simultaneous supply of debris through connection of filter accessories on the patented, second inlet
    • Patented frost protection to –20° C
  • Characteristic

    • Supplementary, patented connection of filter accessories for debris supply from more distant pond zones
    • Outstanding energy balance: reliable displacement using even less energy
    • Elegant design with clever operating elements
    • Maximum convenience thanks to ergonomic and easily accessible handles
    • »Environmental Function Control« (EFC by OASE) protects against dry run and blocking
    • MADE IN GERMANY: precise and reliable German engineering skills at a particularly high quality level
    • With safe 12 V technology perfect for use in swimming pools and natural pools

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm340 x 280 x 165
Rated voltage (primary, secondary)220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz, 12 V / DC
Power consumptionW95
Power cable lengthm8.00
Cable length 12 V device (with power unit)m2.50 (Power unit) + 8.00
Net weightkg10.60
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) *Years3 + 2
Max. flow ratel/min190
Max. flow ratel/h11400
Max. head height, metresm3.20
Pressure-side connectionmm50
Pressure-side connection2"
Suction-side connectionmm50
Suction-side connection2"
Hose connectionmm25 / 32 / 38 / 50
Hose connection1", 1 ¼", 1 ½", 2"
Filter intake surfacecm²1000
Max. coarse debris displacementmm11
Electronic adjustmentNo
Setup typeCan be set up underwater & dry installed


Spare Parts

1Spare filter housing top AquaMax Eco Pr.179631
2Clamp EC2169821
3Rubber part AquaMax Pro172321
4Adapter 2"168591
5Add. pack AquaMax Eco 2"170691
6Add. pack AquaMax Eco 1" - 1 1/2"172721
7Pump holder EC2 AquaMax Pro169561
8Spare filter housing base AquaMaxEco Pr.179621
9Suction adapter AquaMax Pro168671
10Regulator AquaMax Pro168661
11Oval head screw CH-V2A DIN 7981 4.8x19228534
12Clip Bitron Eco / AquaMax309831
13Oval head screw V2A DIN 7985 M5 x 20 H60551
14Spare rotor AquaMax Eco Pre. 12000-16000179651
15Spare pump housing AquaMax Eco Pr. 16000179701
16ASM transf. DC connector 13.5 V / 100 VA179571
16Power supply 100 VA / 12 V DC 8A V-2021761971
16Power supply 100 VA / 12 V DC 8A V-2020770231
17Flat gasket 107 x 78 x 2.5 USP 16 light175131


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